Monday, October 8, 2012

A nebular Birthday cake....

Happy Monday! I always seem to be running a bit behind schedule - I meant to share these photos yesterday but come to think of it, kicking off the week with a cake featuring a flying space cat may be no bad thing.

Lauren ordered this nebular cake as a surprise Birthday treat for Simon. She wanted something dark and cosmic, preferably featuring cats in space and supplied this image for inspiration...


I knew that the icing would need to be a deep, dark colour so I baked a moist, light lemon sponge to balance it out. I sliced the sponge into four layers and gave each layer a brush with a citrus syrup before sandwiching them together with vanilla buttercream.

To decorate, I dyed half the remaining buttercream blue and the other purple (I used this amazing beetroot powder from Spice Mountain! It worked a treat and would also make the perfect natural, pretty pink icing for some girly cupcakes, maybe next time!). I was inspired by one of my favourite beauty looks - Galaxy Nails! And built up the layers of icing, adding pearl powder to give the cake a feeling of depth. 

Finally I made a little model of Toby cat wearing a sweet party hat, zooming through the night sky in a blaze of stars. Happy Birthday Simon! 

Thank you very much for the photos Lauren!

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