Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Imported Figs are four for £1 on Berwick Street Market at the moment. I couldn't resist taking home a bagful of these sweet, plump little fruits last week and spent a merry evening bottling them, using Pam Corbin's recipe from the River Cottage Preserves Handbook. The recipe and list of ingredients is simple - the figs are simmered in a syrup of honey, freshly squeezed orange juice and Earl Grey tea before being squeezed into sterilised jam jars. When I first started to fill the jars I couldn't imagine how all the big fat figs would fit but they're actually surprisingly supple and can withstand a certain amount of squeezing and squashing. In the end I managed to squeeze 24 figs into 4 jam jars. A few of them split but Pam assures me that these will only contribute to the delicious syrup. Once the jars cooled I covered the lids with festive origami paper left over from last Christmas (I got mine from Muji) and made some little labels. I expect we'll crack open the first jar in the run up to Christmas, a few of them might even find new homes as Christmas presents!

I hesitated about posting these photos - it was hard to take pretty photos of something so hot and sticky but I decided I might as well show you whats really going on in the Cold Comfort kitchen eh? It's not all cupcakes round here after all ;)

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