Friday, October 26, 2012

Hold onto your hats!

It's happening - we're moving house and there's no stopping us! You'll have to bear with me for the next couple of weeks as my evenings will mostly be spent frantically packing! it's such a huge, daunting task that I can't quite think about it. We made a start in the kitchen last night and sighed sadly as we poured our home brewing efforts don't the sink. The blackberry and apple wine (which we called 'fruitella' and blogged about here) had clarified to a strong cider/whisky which practically singed my eyebrows off! We're looking forward to having another bash once we're settled.

I'm going to be focusing what little spare time and energy I do have on my Christmas Hamper Project - keep an eye out for the first DIY popping up some time next week! I.ll be making delicious candied peel to be used in some Christmas Hamper preserves and baking recipes as well as making delectable chocolate dipped peel!

See you on the flip side.

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