Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's Occurring?

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I've been enjoying hibernating the last couple of weeks and turning my attention to bits and pieces around the house. I've been mending clothes, tidying drawers, dreaming about my next knitting project and generally having a good sort out. We're actually getting ready to move house, sort of. The process of selling our flat can only be described as a rollercoaster. I'm looking forward to celebrating once it's all over and showing off some pictures of our new home but for the time being I'm trying not to look too far ahead and get too excited when everything is still hanging in the balance!

Instead I've been taking pleasure in simple things - waking up early in the mornings and having proper breakfasts with a mug of coffee and the radio. Cups of milky redbush tea in the evenings, taking long baths and spending time in my hometown (where we hope to soon be living!). I've been glued to interior design blogs and have been soaking up ideas like a sponge! Fingers crossed I'll be able to put them into practice soon. I've got a few other cosy and creative projects on the go so there will be a few recipes and DIY's popping up here over the next few weeks too. Any tips on how I can take my mind off the move would be very welcome!

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