Monday, November 12, 2012

At the weekend...

Here's a little snapshot of what life has been like this past week. We're well and truly settled into our new flat now and I'm enjoying unpacking our books and photographs and finding a place for everything bit by bit.

Toby is lord of the manor once more - we actually bought this cat pheromone diffuser and installed it in the flat a few days before we moved in. I was sceptical at first but I think it's really helped chill him out. He's usually a little flighty and jumpy but from the second day onwards he's been lounging about on the dining table and even tolerated a cuddle last nigh!

Last weekend I baked an enormous cake for Declan's 30th Birthday - it was a two tiered double chocolate, fruit and Ferrero Rocher topped extravaganza! I'll post some more photographs later in the week.

This weekend went to see a fantastic play at the Soho Theatre called The Kingdom - a wonderfully dark and sinister story told by three Irishmen digging a road. It was pretty heavy going so to cheer ourselves up afterwards we went to one of my favourite restaurants Burger & Lobster where we ate...lobsters! (Who chooses a burger over a lobster - seriously!)

I'm loving life outside of the city centre - we're surrounded by beautiful mature trees which are fast turning orange and loosing their leaves. Toby sits at the window and his little ears prick up whenever a new leaf falls!

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