Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chloe Bakes: Declan's Birthday Cake

I’m so excited to share this cake I made a couple of weeks ago for Declan’s 30th Birthday! These photographs were taken by the super talented Hannah Couper. You can see more of Hannah’s brilliant photography (including some more pics from the party) on her blog here.

This cake was such a pleasure to bake! Declan is a dude who likes his food so I wanted the cake to be over-the-top decadent and indulgent. For the sponge I used this double chocolate cake recipe from the SmittenKitchen (I baked this same cake for my little sister Florence’s Birthday way back in April and from everyone’s reaction I knew I was onto a winner!). The recipe combines a deliciously moist, dark chocolate sponge with a thick creamy chocolate ganache icing. What takes this cake to the next level and puts it on a pedestal above all other chocolate cakes is the fruity jam that lies between each layer. This cuts right through the richness of the chocolate and provides a welcome and unexpected burst of flavor. When I baked Flo’s cake it was a hot day in late Spring and I used my home made strawberry jam to spread in between each layer along with sliced fresh strawberries. This time round I wanted something a little more Autumnal so I chose a delicious maraschino cherry jam to provide a welcome burst of tart, juicy flavor.

I made two tiers of the double chocolate sponge and sliced each one into three layers, spreading the cherry jam and dark chocolate ganache in between. To finish it off I covered the entire cake in delicious ganache and stuck a layer of wafer cigars around the bottom (like a little fortress). I chose Autumnal fruits: figs, red grapes, cape gooseberries and the tail end of the summer strawberries and raspberries and went beserk, covering the whole cake in fruit until you could hardly see the icing! I topped it off with a few Ferrero Rochers – the ambassador would have been proud.

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  1. So inspiring honey,I enjoyed in this post;-)

    1. Thanks very much! Really glad you enjoyed it :) xx

  2. Reader, I was there!
    This cake was amazing, every bit as stunning as it looks in Hannah's photographs and the taste - so delicious!

  3. More than amazing!!! That is EPIC. xx


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