Monday, December 31, 2012

The Holly & The Ivy

We had fun decorating our new flat for Christmas this year...

I love fairy lights, they're so pretty and even manage to make our corridor look atmospheric.

Plenty of greenery is a must - I went for a walk in nearby woods on a cold and frosty morning and came back with a huge bag of holly and ivy. Traditionally the woman is supposed to carry the ivy into the house and the man the holly! Although having just double checked this fact in 'Discovering The Folklore of Plants' by Margaret Baker, I've been reminded that you're not supposed to bring holly into the house until Christmas Eve as 'To do this destroys it's intrinsic luck and in Wales, leads to family quarrels.' Good job we don't live in Wales eh?

Mistletoe is so pretty! Well done you if you managed to harvest some in the wild though - it's a parasitic plant that grows high up, just out of reach in the branches of it's host tree (funny how it knows exactly how high it needs to be isn't it?).

Our tree this year was a real beauty and has remained green and busy thus far - though the tips of the branches are now just beginning to point downwards. We'll keep it up until next weekend and take it down on Twelfth Night. I always find it strange when I go for a walk on Boxing Day as there's always at least one Christmas Tree forlornly discarded by the side of the road. Who are these people who get up early on Boxing Day in order to throw their trees away and what on earth are they thinking?

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