Thursday, January 10, 2013

January wishlist...

1. Cashmere scarf by Chan Luu - Available from Net-A-Porter.
2. Breton striped top by Jeager Boutique.
3. Miu Miu crystal earrings - Available from Net-A-Porter.
4. Essie nail polish in Midnight Cami - Essie.
5. Zoe Karssen jogging pants - Available from Net-A-Porter.
6. Ren Seaweed & Mint body wash - Available from Liberty.
7. Miller Harris candle in La Pluie.
8. Charlotte Olympia kitty heels - Available from Net-A-Porter.

Suffering from the January blues? You know what they say, if you can't beat them join them! Wear them head to toe and roll around on the floor in them. Here are a few cosy, snuggly things that I'm dreaming of this January.

I scooped up this gorgeous stripy top in the Jeager Boutique online sale and when it arrived I actually squealed with joy to discover that it's fleecy on the inside! I'm basically wearing a Slanket at my desk right now and no one knows! Are these jogging pants meant for indoors or outdoors? Let's call them indoor outdoor pants and lounge around the house in them before throwing on a pair of shoes and heading out for the day. This month it's all about soft, comforting clothes with a little bit of added sparkle to brighten up the long dark days!


  1. Your existence is somewhat fairy-tale. Grrrrrr

  2. Chloe,
    I am simply LOVING your blog...please write more often~I check back each day :) Mummy tells me you and your fiance have an office each in your house? I am super jelous xx
    P.S. How do you make these lovely fashion template above? x

    1. Ah thank you for your lovely comment Megan! :) I have been a little slack so far this year haven't I? I must pull my socks up! I'm really enjoying your blog too - my nails are currently adorned with 'Peach Manicure' from Natural Collection upon your recommendation! I also really like the Italian recipes and little insights into the modelling world!

      We do have an office each! I've currently got an ironing board set up in mine so not quite the hub of creativity I had in mind yet!

      I make these collages believe it or not in...Microsoft Paint! I look for pics on the tinternet then save them as JPEGs and cut and paste. Sometimes I add numbers after using! One of my many New Years Resolutions is to learn Photoshop...



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