Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Rules

I love this time of year - sitting with my brand new 2013 diary open in front of me, blank and full of potential!

I'm a big fan of New Years Resolutions but sometimes I find it daunting to think about everything I want to achieve across the whole year at once. Sometimes it's nice to have the opportunity to re-assess things as goals start to shift and new exciting possibilities present themselves across the year.

This year I'm going to make resolutions on a monthly basis - starting with January!

January is a month for...

Eating well - After the decadence of Christmas I can feel my body crying out for a health kick. If you could do with an overhaul too then this detox plan may be just the ticket. For inspiring, healthy recipes plus tonnes of nutritional info I love My New Roots a fab blog by vegetarian chef and holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton.

Getting organised - Juggling a day job, a cake baking business and a blog whilst planning a wedding is no easy task! Rather than ensconce myself in the pub of Sunday afternoon I'm going to knuckle down and do some 'life admin' - this includes everything from renewing my passport to taking the time to get photos printed out (instead of copying them to a hard drive and forgetting about them). Getting myself organised now for the year ahead should help things run a little more smoothly and leave more time for fun!.

Clearing out the wardrobe - Somehow over the last few weeks all my pairs of leggings and sweatshirts have worked their way towards the front and my tight jeans, fitted dresses, blouses and skirts have snuck away towards the back of my wardrobe. This month I'm going to give my wardrobe an overhaul, buy some more clothes hangers, set aside anything that's in need of repair and put it all back in a neat and tidy fashion.

Mending - I've got a fairly sizeable pile of clothes which I can't wear because they're either missing a button or need a seam re-sewing. For a sewing and general handycrafts enthusiast this seems ridiculous so I'm going to bite the bullet and aim to do the lot before the end of January! By the time I'm finished it will be like having a new wardrobe!

So there we have it! A month to rest up, take care of myself and get organised for the year ahead!

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