Wednesday, January 30, 2013

S.O.S (Save Our Skin!)

We've just come out of another cold snap but I didn't mind it one bit! When I looked out of the window in the mornings the grass, bushes and trees were all covered with a pretty white frost. There is nothing I like more than going for a brisk walk in the crisp, cold air before returning home, cranking up the central heating and getting into my pyjamas! My skin however, does not thank me for this ill treatment and would have shed like a snake by now were it not for a few brilliant products that I've come to rely on!

Here are my top five moisturising products that I just can't live without during the coldest, darkest months of the year...

I am a big fan of facial oils - my belief is that because skin produces oil, skin understands oil and is able to absorb and process it much better than creams which just sit on the surface and clog the pores. Suti's Rejuvenate Face Oil is packed with luscious ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil and Frankensence and smells absolutely heavenly! Something that smells this lovely and natural must be good for you! I use this rich facial oil morning and night and I can practically hear my skin cells thanking me. It keeps my face soft and moisturised and gives my skin a healthy glow!

No other lip balm works quite as well for me as this classic product. It has the teeny tiniest amount of colour and leaves my lips soft and also shiny which is handy as I absolutely can't stand lipgloss (first my hair gets stuck to my lips, then I brush it away and it smears across my cheek, then I wipe it all of). I would love to hear your suggestions for a natural alternative to this though? Especially something with the same sort of comforting rose scent.

3. Organic Coconut Oil

Over the last few years I've been slowly but surely moving away from cosmetics which contain artificial ingredients like parfume and colour and gravitating towards more natural alternatives. I just can't imagine slathering myself from head to foot in a body lotion packed full of chemicals anymore and these days reach for a jar of organic coconut oil instead! I buy mine from Whole Foods - you'll find it in the same isle as all the other cooking oils but don't let the fact that it says 'perfect for frying and baking' on the jar put you off! It's also perfect for moisturising your skin! If you don't mind paying double the money for the same product, you'll also find coconut oil in the beauty section, nicely re-branded as a skin product. Coconut oil is nice because it's solid at room temperature but has a very low melting point making it easy to store and use. For something a bit more luxurious and special I absolutely love Balm Balm Rose Geranium face balm - the smell is so uplifting and it's 100% organic!

I use this to take my make up off at the end of the day. I soak a cotton wool pad in warm water and squeeze a little blob of oil onto it before working into my eye socket. After a few seconds my eye make up just sort of melts off my face and onto the cotton wool. Sometimes I have another go with a fresh bit of cotton wool and oil - I like the oily film it leaves, keeps my eyelids silky soft!

If there is a better hand cream on the planet I'm yet to find it! This melts into my skin instantly healing any dry or sore spots and leaves a slightly waxy residue behind to keep them protected! It doesn't feel particularly fancy though so I also keep a bottle of Cowshed Cowslip Soothing Hand Cream on my desk which gives a lighter moisturisation and the delicious scent of lemon balm reminds me that Summer will soon be on it's way once more.

Well there we have it! I hope you've enjoyed the first instalment of 'Chloe's Top Beauty Tips' - if you have any product recomendations for me let me know in the comments!

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