Monday, March 25, 2013

My Wild Weekend!

Last week was pretty quiet on the blogging front so I'm making it up to you on this freezing cold Monday afternoon with a fantastic set of photos snapped by the wonderful and talented Hannah Couper! These were taken at my hen party earlier in the month! I was such a pleasure to have all my best girlfriends together in one place and I'll never forgot how much effort everyone had put in to make it so special!

My two oldest friends, Celina and Anna were in charge and I was kept entirely in the dark! They rented an enormous house in the countryside in Kent, invited my girlfriends and organised the most fun filled, hilarious weekend imaginable! Everyone had contributed something and we had games, delicious food and plenty of booze!

Ciara and Maddi kicked things off with some fun and silly games to break the ice and help everyone shake off their inhibitions (though I'm not sure we had many to start with!). The game we're playing above is called Bungalow and was perfect! To play, stand in a circle and start making a rhythm with your hands and feet like this: stamp stamp clap clap stamp stamp clap clap. Once everyone has the rhythm going, one person starts a chant over the top that gets passed around the circle like this....

Hey Anna! (or whoever)


Let me see your bungalow! Hey Anna!


Let me see your bungalow!

Then Anna replies...

My hands are high my hands are low and this is how I bungalow!

Then Anna (or whoevers turn it is) busts out her funniest and best dance move and performs it in the centre before everyone joins in. Anna then takes up the chant and passes it onto the next person!

This game is so simple but so hilarious - we had the Bungalow tune in our heads all weekend.

One of my good friends is currently working over in Africa for Actionaid. I was so touched that not only did she wait up late to be able to call me during the party but sent 6 x bottles of fizz to help fuel the mayhem in her stead!

 I can't actually remember what had just happened here.

We shared lots of stories and secrets!

On Saturday morning we all woke up feeling more than a little worse for wear. We pulled on wellies and walked to a country pub for fish & chips and a hair of the dog. When we came home we were desperate for a cup of tea - Anna had made a delicious red velvet cake and Celina had baked brownies! Mmmmmm perfect! A cup of tea, a chocolate brownie and forty winks on the sofa. I had just about nodded off when there was a knock at the window behind me...


They had only gone and hired sumo suits! I can't describe how much fun this was - for a start, the suits are so heavy that it's a challenge just standing up in them. As soon as you have your balance and are ready to wrestle your way to victory, you start laughing and all your strength suddenly disappears! We played until we were covered in mud and it was starting to get dark. Then it was time for...

Jess had brought along home made playdough especially for this game and I'm sure you can guess what we're making....

This game was brilliant fun! We split into teams of three - each team had 20 loo rolls and 10 minutes to make the best wedding dress! My team won - my sis Flo is in the photo above, modelling our boho creation!

More games, more fizz, more drinks and the most amazing Moroccan feast - whipped up by Kate and Lauren. Thank you so much you wonderful girls! I will remember this weekend for as long as I live.

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  1. Some of these photos definitely have an eerie matriarchal pagan cult vibe.


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