Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm getting married in the morning!

We spent today with our friends and family, setting up our reception venue - it snowed horizontally all day but we were toasty warm inside, looking out onto the grey river. We had plenty of hot tea to keep us going and by the end of, what a transformation! Tonight I'm sleeping in my childhood bedroom at my Mums house. My wedding dress is hanging off the wardrobe door and I keep peeking in to look at it. Ciaran is at our local pub this evening with his lovely, big warm family and I've just said goodnight to mine. My sisters and I went out for pizza, garlic bread and red wine with Celina and Anna, my two other beloved bridesmaids. I told the girls that I was panicking about falling over on my way up the aisle and Anna quickly said that if that happened they would all immediately drop to the floor too so I wouldn't be alone! I feel so happy and so lucky.

Lots of love you guys and see you on the flip side!


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