Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Brilliant Wedding (Part One)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I hope you've had a good one so far? I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt very much in need of a break and thank goodness it's sunny! I don't think I could have taken another freezing cold wet and miserable day. Speaking of freezing cold days I'm so pleased to have finally had the chance to sit down and share some of our wonderful wedding photos with you all!

Was it really nearly two months ago that Ciaran and I donned our glad rags and got hitched? It feels like it could have been last weekend! I've had to be very strict with myself and try to share only a very small selection of the many wonderful photos taken by the ever so talented Hannah Couper Photography. So without further a do, may I present to you, our wedding day...

On Friday 5th April 2013 I woke up at my Mum's house, bright and early. The previous day it had snowed non stop (in April! I couldn't believe it!) so when I woke up to a slate grey but (thankfully!) snow free sky I was delighted! We had Mum's home made muesli with fruit and plenty of hot coffee for breakfast then before we knew it, it was time to hop in the car and dash to the hair dressers!

Just look at my wonderful shoes! They made me a good few inches taller than my groom (and a great many of the guests too) but it was totally worth it. As I explained to Ciaran when he saw the receipt, I didn't actually choose these shoes, they chose me you see. Not much I could really do about that, sorry!

I got my 'up do' at Headquarters in Kingston-Upon-Thames (ask for Jurgita). Everyone was so lovely to us at the salon and in a funny way I think it helped my nerves to be out of the house for a little while and just get lost amongst the hustle and bustle of the hairdressers. That was probably just about the warmest I got to be all day too.

When we arrived back at Mum's it was about mid-day, my wonderful bridesmaids were getting their make up on and there was such a good vibe in the house! Anna and Celina are my childhood friends from infant school, Florence and Phoebe are my amazing, beautiful and hilarious sisters.

The champagne was flowing!

My bouquet was made from white Avalanche Roses and white and yellow Freesias. We bought them at the wholesale flower market - the whole thing cost £11! My very good friends Kate and Lauren (of the fabulous Sussex lifestyle blog Lamb Likes) arrived in my hometown a day early to make up all the bouquets, buttonholes and arrangements. They did such a fantastic job! Well done girls I'm so grateful to you both!

Do you know what, we never got the chance to do the whole 'shopping for bridesmaids dresses' thing together because as soon as I saw these bright orange dresses in Jaeger Boutique I knew they were the ones!

Gorgeous girlies!

I love the cute tulip shaped skirt and cut away back detail. It worked out really well actually because it was such a freezing cold, damp and dark day the little pop of orange really lifted things. They looked fab during the reception too as you can instantly spot the bridesmaids on the dance floor!

I um-ed and ah-ed for ages over what to put in my hair. The bridal shops are full of these sparkly hair bands and clips but I hated the way they got caught in my hair and (what with my absolutely enormous dress) created a bit of a 'young royal debutante' look which is most definitely not the vibe I was after. In the end I asked our local florist, The Secret Garden, to wire up some small white spray roses and Jasmin flowers. My hairdresser tucked a few into the back of my 'do and we had enough left over for the bridesmaids too!

Here come the boys!

Ciaran's big sister Aisling looks fab - that's a proper wedding outfit!

Ciaran had his little brother Declan as his best man (naturally) and his brothers from other Mothers (and Fathers) Gareth (above) and Graham as ushers. They did a top job getting everyone organised for the photos and most importantly, getting Ciaran to the church on time!


Ciaran and I have seven little nieces - a white dress and an ivy crown later and we have seven little flower girls!

Kate looks bloody lovely! Her hair ornament is Edwardian isn't that amazing!

Martin looking very dapper in his Liberty print scarf.

Lauren and Simon look fab together!

Florence and Phoebe braving the cold! Aside from my bouquet, the only other flowers we used were daffodils and narcissus which we ordered directly from a grower down in Cornwall. We got two boxes - a mixture varieties. It worked out to be about 1,000 flowers in total - the reception venue was full of colour and smelled amazing! (In case you're curious, which I know you are, it came to about £100 in total including VAT and shipping)

Roger arriving - holding Granny's (totally fake) fur coat for me!

You can always count on Jess for a mega watt smile! It was Christian and Jess' beautiful wedding in the south of France that Ciaran took me to all those years ago.

Ciaran and Mumsie.

Dad and I arrived in a vintage Rolls Royce (which basically just had to drive round the corner).

Ta da! Isn't my dress amazing?! The designer is Lusan Mandongus and this style is called Harmilla.

The train just kept going and going.

Kids! Don't do tattoos.

I decided not to be nervous and just enjoy the day - I made a really conscious effort to drink in every second and be really present in the moment. Not thinking ahead at what was going to happen next or worrying if something hadn't gone to plan. I felt really tranquil and just so so happy! I was grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

While we were signing the register my very good friend Madi sung The Look Of Love! Madi has a beautiful, ethereal voice and you can hear her singing with her group, Goodbye Leopold here.

And then we were married! That's it! Happy ever after here we come, goodnight and thanks for reading! Have a safe journey home.

Only joking! After the ceremony it was time for a few photos then on to what was definitely the best party anyone has thrown in the entire history of partying (watch this space for the photos coming up in blog post number two tomorrow).

The Mullaneys - all 30 of them!

And the Stricklands!

My Mum and Dad!

My girlies!

At this point the cold got the better of us all and we made a dash for the reception! Florence is smiling here but her eyes are saying get. me. a. jumper. now...

It's been lovely to write this post and remember what a brilliant day we had! I'm so glad we did it - It was the most incredible feeling having all our friends and family together in the same place at the same time as we made our vows. It felt like the beginning of something amazing and now we're this unstoppable team! We can take on anything! We're married woohoo!

I would like to say a great big Thank You to everyone who helped us pull our day together! It felt like such a team effort and I couldn't have done it without my amazing bridesmaids, Kate, Lauren and of course our brilliant photographer Hannah! You can see more of Hannah's amazing work on her website: and also on her blog. What a talented lady!


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  2. What a wonderful day Chloe, you all looked wonderful! Best wishes, Kathryn xx


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