Friday, June 14, 2013

Honeymooning in St. Lucia

Aloha! It's been a rather chilly start to the Summer in London and these past few days have been particularly cloudy so I'm glad to be sharing a few snaps of our lovely honeymoon in tropical St. Lucia! After all the bustle and excitement of the wedding it was lovely to pack our bags and jet off somewhere far flung and exotic for a week of relaxation and fun in the sun!

We stayed at the Sandal's Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort and it was just perfect! It's situated in the northern part of the island near to the capital city of Casteries and is right on the coast - overlooking the beautiful blue waters of Rodney Bay! We each packed a whole stack of books (or rather I packed a whole stack of books and Ciaran packed his Kindle) and vowed to relax as much as possible, eat amazing Caribbean food every day and see some of this beautiful Island.

Here we are fresh faced and pale ready fo some sun!

The time difference between London and St.Lucia is about 6 hours - the jet lag manifested itself in us falling asleep into our cocktails at about 10.00pm every evening and waking up, raring to go at about 6.30am every day which was such a lovely change of pace! We started each day with a big plate of fresh fruit - watermelon, pineapple, papaya and kiwis, the Island is full to bursting! Then we would be brought big cups of delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee which was so beautiful, like velvet. 

I usually followed this up with eggs in one form or another and believe it or not, fish! My favourite way to start the day was with an egg white omelet and a pile of hot, fresh, salt fish stew. The vegetables would be shredded so thinly and hardly cooked at all so you felt so light and zingy afterwards.

I absolutely love Caribbean food and we were so spoilt during our stay with the freshest fish and shellfish (especially scallops) as well as traditional dishes like jerk chicken, rice and peas, these amazing Caribbean style home made baked beans and beautiful fresh salads full of grated pumpkin and shredded cabbage. One of my greatest passions is hot sauce - in St. Lucia most dishes were accompanied by this fierce yellow hot pepper sauce (you can see a little dollop in the photo above). Hot and fresh with a vinegary tang, I've become totally addicted and luckily bought back a couple of bottles with me!

After breakfast every day we would hit the beach! We spent most days on our sun loungers, gazing across the Bay. The landscape of St.Lucia is so beautiful - it's volcanic so the mountains are all really steep and every last inch of the island is covered in lush vegetation. The mountains in the distance looked like something from a dream - all covered in tall palm trees and just out of reach.

We went snorkeling! The reefs aren't quite as colourful as Sharm El Sheikh but was lovely none the less and I love how friendly the little tropical fish are! I love nothing more than taking a big, deep breath and diving down in to the midst of a shoal and just floating there, suspended in the water while the little fish come and say hello. We also tried our hand at kayaking (fun and easy), catamaran sailing (scary and difficult - at least when Captain Ciaran is at the helm!) and water skiing (more on this later).

Stop! Hammock time...

We bought cigars and smoked them in the hot tub!

This was Ciaran's first attempt at water skiing and he was a natural! He whizzed around the whole bay and came back waving! I on the other hand...

I have never found anything so difficult in my entire life! I made three attempts and felt like I was so close but no matter how hard I tried, as the boat began to pick up speed I couldn't stop my legs being pulled in different directions and just had to let go before I got ripped in half. Maybe it was for the best - the next day Ciaran woke up basically frozen into the water ski position and could hardly move!

For the last three days of our trip we got upgraded to our own little hut! It was insane - you could wake up in bed, take three steps to the french doors and plummet straight into our own plunge pool (as demonstrated above by Ciaran).

Mmmmm french toast! The island's main crop is bananas so we ate a lot of these in cakes and pastries, cocktails and (my favourite) flambeed with rum and sugar and served with ice cream for pud (recipe coming soon!).

Believe it or not, this grey river of mud is actually the dead centre of a volcano that blew thousands of years ago and imploded back in on itself. This means you can walk straight into the centre where a hot spring chugs out this burning hot, suphuric mud which is jam packed with minerals!

After covering ourselves from head to toe in the hot mud and hanging out in the sun for a bit we were lead to a waterfall where we washed in the mineral spring water!

These mountains are called the Grand Piton and Petite Piton - they're famous in St.Lucia!

After waking up from an afternoon nap one day I discovered one of the locals had come to say hello!

We went on a boat!


Isn't it funny how at the start of a holiday time seems to go really slowly and you can't imagine any other way of life and then when you hit the half way mark suddenly time starts to speed up and the last couple of days just disappear before you know it! We were heartbroken to leave St. Lucia - we had such a beautiful time but we were also excited to see our friends and family again and get back to our life! Life is amazing, and St. Lucia will always be there waiting for us.

P.S This pineapple dress is such a babe, I wore it the whole time! It's from Topshop!

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