Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Brilliant Wedding (Part Two)

It was such a joy to share some of our wedding photographs last week and I have a few more for you this morning! So without further ado, here is a sneak peak of what went on after we said 'I do' as snapped by the fantastic Hannah Couper Photography.

We got married in St.Nicholas Church in Thames Ditton - a pretty little church which dates from the 11th century (can you believe it!) and is right by the river Thames. For our reception we chose nearby Ditton's Skiff and Punting Club which we had decked out for the day with yellow, pink and orange bunting, pretty vintage tablecloths, tea cups and saucers, fairy lights and vase upon vase of daffodils and narcissus!

After the ceremony Ciaran and I hopped aboard an old wooden camping skiff and were rowed down the river by Roger and Declan whilst we sipped champagne and huddled together for warmth.

It was freezing cold and the wind was whipping about our faces!

When we stepped off the boat we were surrounded by a whirling cloud of confetti! It was one of my favourite moments from the whole day.

Time for a quick kiss then inside for more champagne, supper and dancing!

Chris and Louise at The Ditton Deli did an absolutely fantastic job catering for us! As there wasn't enough room for a sit down meal, they made three delicious dishes which were brought round in little china bowls for people to pick at. There was plenty of everything and everyone raved about how great the food was! We had a gorgeous fish pie with spinach and a cheesy mashed potato topping, Thai green chicken curry (which was hot and fresh and full of lovely coriander and lime juice) served on coconut rice as well as Cumberland sausage (or veggie sausage) and mash. It worked really well as the guests could eat as much or as little as they fancied and could chat to more people, rather than being stuck on the same table all night. Also, huge bonus for me, we didn't need a table plan!

Here's our lovely wedding photographer! Hannah is wearing a beautiful vintage Liberty print dress from the 1950's!

I made all the bunting myself - it looked fab strung all over the ceiling!

The speeches were one of my favourite parts of the day - they were all so touching and so, so funny!

I'm so glad that my girls and I decided to brace the cold and take these photos! It was so special having all my girlies together in one place and I want to remember this moment forever! You might recognise this motley crew from my Hen weekend!

Time to toss the bouquet!

Little tip for you, if you ever find yourself tossing a bouquet, probably best to go low and aim for distance rather than height...

Otherwise your beautiful bouquet will hit the deck with the force of a football and you might loose one or two roses in the process! Just saying...

I've just spotted Hannah's valiant dash for my loose veil in the photo above! Thank you Hannah!

Attempt number two!

Success! My good friend Hannah B was the lucky lady to catch it - let's watch this space eh Hannah?

From left to right: Madeline, Hannah B, Me, Rachel, Lotti and Ciara. My very best friends from Uni - have we really known each other for 9 years now?

Photobomb! By my equally wonderful Kate and Lauren!

Time for Flo to have a quick fag.

Miss Madeline Shrimpton posing with my bouquet! No wonder she looks so gorgeous, modelling runs in the family!

Here is the finished wedding cake! I really enjoyed the process of making it - from brainstorming all the options to spending a happy afternoon making candied peel, rolling up my sleeves and baking all three tiers in one day then painstakingly feeding them with brandy before covering them in marzipan and royal icing and finally making my own wooden wedding cake toppers.

I knew that most of the guests would be having far too much fun on the dance floor to sit down and eat a piece of fruit cake there and then so I bought some little pink and white stripy paper bags. After Ciaran and I had ceremoniously sliced the cake, Celina and her wonderful Mum Pat carved up the largest tier (well actually not quite the largest tier, that tier is made of polystyrene so it was actually the second to largest tier but I digress) and popped the slices into the bags. This worked out really well because everyone got to take a slice (or two, or three, or four) home with them and the bags look really pretty in the photos. In fact it's rather amusing to see people clutching multiple slices of cake on their way out the door! Florence and Phoebe went back to their hotel and ate theirs in the bath.

That's Toby sitting proudly in the middle! One of my little flower girls, Katy, innocently (or perhaps not quite so innocently) asked if Ciaran and I had adopted a little baby but I explained that no, that is Toby of course!

One of our best ideas was to have a DIY dessert table! On the invitation we gave three options: to accept with pleasure, decline with regret or to accept with pleasure and bring along a home made something or other for the dessert table!

Oh my days did everyone go to town! We had two beautiful banoffe pies, home made chocolate truffles, millionaire shortbread, sherry trifle, chocolate roulade with fresh cream and raspberries, rhubarb and ginger cake, a huge chocolate cake and rhubarb crumble to name a few! What was even more breathtaking than the superb effort everyone had made was the speed at which every last scrap was devoured!

And as if by magic, at about 6.00pm, the heavy grey clouds parted and a solitary ray of sun shone through the window onto the wedding cake! Heavens blessing on our love that is.

I generally have a very hearty appetite and my wedding day was no different! What was great was that I had about five different people come up to me in turn and with a hand placed on my arm say with earnest 'you MUST eat!' so eat I did!

Still eating.

We were happily dancing away when the familiar opening bars of Michael Jackson's Thriller could be heard. Suddenly the dance floor cleared and all at once my girlies took to the floor! Turns out that at they had stayed up all night at my hen weekend practicing the moves and secretly planned this flash mob! What a fantastic surprise!

Before long everyone joined in!

Before we knew it, the clock struck midnight and it was time for me and Ciaran to run off into the night. What a day! What a wedding! What a party! It makes me think of that phrase 'Today is the first day of the rest of your life'.

Thank you for reading and for sticking with me through this wedding planning roller coaster! I have one more set of photos up my sleeve, watch this space! :)

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