Monday, July 8, 2013

Six of the best...

We've had such a dreamy heatwave these last few days and about time too! I'm so thankful that Summer is really here at last (and Summer if you're reading, I just want to say that I never doubted you OK!). There comes a point every year where it is simply to hot for clothes. Wouldn't it be fun to pull on one of these chic bathing suits and cycle to an open air lido? Failing that I'll settle for a magazine and a paddling pool in the back garden.

Do you have a great local lido in your 'hood and if not where do you do your swimming? In the sea? In a lake? In your neighbours pool when they're on holiday? Tell me, I would love to know about any sweet spots and hidden gems around the world. My favourite place to swim is the sea though once as a child I spent a happy afternoon swimming in a huge pool on a farm. It was created during the Second World War when a pilot, fresh from blitzing London, offloaded his last bomb on the journey back to Germany. The bomb blew a crater in the soft earth (killing precisely no one - huzzah!) and hit a natural spring! That would have to be a very close second.

P.S Here's an interesting article in the Guardian about the rise and fall (and rise again) of the British Lido.

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