Friday, August 9, 2013

Back To The Wild

Happy Friday! We're about to drive off into the sunset for a weekend of camping in the New Forest!

I've made Merguez Burgerz using my friend JP's recipe and can't wait to get them on the BBQ tonight! I also found time to make these amazing raw brownies by Sarah Britton at My New Roots. I've been dreaming of these ever since my lovely friend Kate brought a batch round to our Wedding set up day - I swear these all raw, all natural, all chocolatey deliciousness brownies of joy kept us on a high all day long and gave us the energy to hang a several thousand meters of bunting and arrange, then re-arrange, and then arrange again approximately one million teacups and saucers.

In other news I've got a horrific eye infection so am feeling pretty gross but won't let that stop me letting the nature in this weekend! I thought I would share with my my packing list in case you fancied a Hi-de-Hi camping weekend of your own.

What are your plans? Have an amazing one whatever you're doing!

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