Monday, August 12, 2013

Sleeping under the stars...

Hello! I hope your week has got off to a cracking start? Isn't Summer funny sometimes the way one minute it's on it's way and the next it's on it's way out? Midsummer is elusive but I've decided to seize it (or what's left of it) as much as I can and hold Autumn at arms length for as long as possible. Why don't you join in? Let's squeeze the Summer dry! :) 

Here's a few pictures of our lovely weekends camping! On Friday night we pitched our tent, lit the BBQ, cracked open a bottle of wine and sat back to watch the stars. On Saturday morning we woke up to a bright blue, blustery sky and reached straight for the kettle! We had a cup of tea and some delicious raw brownie (more on this later) with strawberries and raspberries whilst we stretched, yawned took in our surroundings.

 Feeling refreshed we fired up the BBQ and got the bacon, toast and eggs on the go!

We've got a great little box on wheels that has everything we need - a camping kettle, pans, cutlery, mugs, even a kitchen sink (really!).

We take organic soy milk with us and it usually keeps OK for a couple of days out of the fridge. It works well in tea and even in scrambled eggs but you have to boil it over the camping stove or on the BBQ before you put it in coffee or it curdles in the most disgusting way!

After our rather hearty breakfast we set off to explore the sweet little village of Ringwood where I visited every single charity shop! I got some great bits and pieces like a beautiful pressed glass cake stand (£3.99!). I actually came back with four carrier bags stuffed full and am looking forward to sharing some pictures soon!

Later on that afternoon we took a walk to the nearby village of Fritham and visited the Royal Oak pub which dates back to the 1600's!

My eye infection is getting better you'll be pleased to know. Trust me you do not want to see what's behind these sunglasses.

We had a couple of pints, shared a packet of crisps and I pretended to sympathise with Ciaran's manly camping injury...

As the sun started to dip we made our way home breathing in big fresh lungfuls of air.

Do these ever last more than a Summer? Not on my feet!

As I walked through the long grass lots of these little butterflies rose up into the air - it was magical!

In the car on the drive home on Sunday we switched on the radio and pricked up our ears when we heard on the news that a murderer had been on the loose in our exact area the whole weekend! How crazy is that? All in a weekends camping eh?

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