Monday, September 2, 2013

Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach...

Last weekend Ciaran, Declan, Hannah and I hit the road and took ourselves off to Dorset for a lovely long weekends camping. On Sunday we woke up to bright blue sky so decided to spend a day at the beach. This awesome sea arch is Durdle Door isn't it cool? A few weeks ago I found myself climbing all over it and jumping off it at my lovely friend Celina's hen weekend (if you're interested this crazy activity is called Coasteering - checking it out, extreme!). On the side that faces the sea there are these two massive fossils called ammonites - they're swirly like snails with ridges and each about the size of a dinner plate!

Last weekend the water was glittering turquoise and we just couldn't wait to get in! Nothing like a bracing cold dip in the sea eh? I can't believe it's September already - I've been blown hither and thither these last couple of weeks and am looking forward to sharing some little snippets of life here on the blog. Enjoy these last days of Summer yo!

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