Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Sweetness - An Instagram Round Up!

Isn't it funny how it's Autumn all of a sudden? Not just 'oooo isn't the sun low in the sky today, mmmmm I smell woodsmoke' early Autumn onset but full blown hat, gloves and scarf weather! Before we jump head first into this, most cosy and nostalgic of seasons, lets cast one look back over what has been one fun filled roller coaster of a Summer! Here are my Instagram highlights of Summer 2013...

From the top! We went on a whirlwind trip to France for the weekend and ate lots of ice cream + Toby sits in the bath and watches us while we brush our teeth at night...

I look forward to these pale pink roses every year + We picked elderflowers and made our own cordial

We drank cups of tea out of pretty teacups + I also ate plenty of cake at the Blinking Lights launch party!

We went to Cornwall for a week and went for blustery cliff top walks + We also spent lots of time curled up indoors gazing at the boats out in the bay

I admired the flowers coming into bloom in our beautiful garden + I tried my hand at making French macarons for the first time!

I loved reading the witty and wonderful book 'The Pursuit of Love' by Nancy Mitford (and also the equally hilarious follow up 'Love In A Cold Climate') + We chilled our socks off on the beach and basked in the sun!

Thank you Summer - I never doubted you for a moment! Don't be a stranger. My Instagram handle is @clobbles - follow me! Let's be friends. For any non smartphone readers you can also peep my feed on my Instagram web page here!

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