Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Winter Warmers: A vintage style 'His & Hers' Rowan pullover

Ta da! It's finished at last. Regular readers will know that I've had this vintage 'His & Hers' jumper on the needles for the best part of a year and a half but it's finally done and dusted! Not a moment to soon either because as we well know, Winter is coming.

I chose Rowan's beautiful British Sheep Breeds DK un-dyed yarn in the mid-brown Blueface Leicester shade for this project. It's such a beautiful yarn - really firm and satisfying to work with. Lately I've been more interested in yarns which are either dyed naturally or not a all and I love that this yarn lets the natural colour of the sheep shine through! The jumper itself hasn't got any shaping at all through the body but it still fits quite closely which I like. All my other jumpers seem to be big and slouchy these days so it's nice to have something a bit neater to wear under my coat once the mercury drops. Aint' no cold air gonna reach me in here!

I spoke a little about this project way back in November of last year (read the post here) where I jumped the  gun somewhat in declaring it to be finished. In reality the seaming and neck band knitting have taken the best part of a year! As always with knitting, this isn't a true reflection of the amount of time it took or indeed how difficult it was. Translated into the every day passage of time, it would have taken me around a day and half of working at it 9.00 - 5.00 to sew the pieces together and knit the neck band. It's funny how knitting seems to exist in an alternate reality where time runs away from itself and the simplest of tasks stretch on and on. Sometimes when someone asks me how long it would take me to knit a jumper (or more likely, knit them a jumper) I struggle because how do you explain the complex algorithms that are at play - how much you need the item in question in your wardrobe, how much you're in love with the yarn. If I'm anticipating a difficult section in the pattern ahead add a few weeks, if I realise I knit a purl when I should have knit a knit and it's too late to go back...probably set the whole thing aside and allow it to pass into the shadows. Knitters block is the real deal - if you're a knitter you'll understand what 'second sock syndrome means'. Anyway, what I always tell myself is that if I knit a little every day (or even every week) then it will get done and if I don't, it won't! Simple as that. 

It feels good to get this one ticked off the list. I think I'll get a few quick knits under my belt before launching into another jumper. I would love to hear your suggestions - especially any cute knitting ideas for the home! Have you got anything exciting on the needles at the moment or are you desperate to learn? Tell me about it!


  1. This is beautiful Chloe! Sometimes the simplest jumpers are best. Is the pattern from a Rowan pattern book? Might have to invest :)

    1. Ah thank you! :D Yes especially when the yarn is as gorgeous as this - I love just seeing the patterns the stitches make on their own sometimes. It's actually a vintage pattern (from the 1930's or 1940's I think!) that my Mum gave to me as a tatty photocopy - I'll see if I can find it online anywhere though, it's definitely a good one to have in the pattern stash! x


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