Monday, October 7, 2013

Car Booting & Cameras in Bath

Here are some pictures I snapped a couple of weeks ago when Hannah and I spent a lovely weekend way out West, visiting Kate & Lauren! We decided to spend the day in Bath and hopped on board a bus. A short while later we stepped off to find ourselves slap bang in the middle of a car boot sale and couldn't resist a rummage! Hannah lent me her beautiful camera for the day, here's what I saw...

We each came prepared with at least two cameras each but couldn't resist looking at a few more. Aren't these old fashioned box cameras gorgeous! Lauren treated herself to one - I can't wait to see what awesome photographs she'll take!

I'm sure you can guess which one of these 'whimsies' had to come home with me! 

Being the proud owners of a certain blue cat ourselves, Ciaran and I can never resist handing over our money whenever we see something resembling our Toby!

This was fairly disastrous a couple of years ago when Big Blue Kitten ran the Grand National...

I love beautiful old sewing machines like this one!

Ron seems like a very matter of fact kind of a guy. 
I love Kate's furry sleeves here! She brought her fish eye camera out to play! Have you ever tried one? 

Hannah has been taking some great photos on her trusty old Olympus 35mm camera - you can hop over to her blog and see some more photos of our weekend here! 
I couldn't resist snapping a quick photo of this furry fellow! 
I feel like I learned loads about photography from these lovely ladies over the course of the weekend! I'm looking forward to sharing some tips and tricks here soon!

Happy Monday! I'll be reflecting (gedit?!) on Bath some more a little later in the week! Peace x


  1. Love your pictures, and can't wait for your photography tips! Also, you remind me I've never been to a car boot sale, and should definitely try going to one. I can only imagine how many vinyls and food photography props I'd come home with. Do you know of any good ones in London by any chance?

    1. Thank you! I'm so pleased to finally be getting to grips with my camera after all these years! Hmmmmm London car boot sales are tricky because (like absolutely everything else in London) the prices are always that bit higher than they should be so it's tricky to get a really amazing bargain. Also, you tend to get a lot of antiques dealers and the like who swoop in early (and I literally mean swoop - I've seen people rummaging through the boots of sellers cars before they've even unpacked!). There is one in Clapham that I've been to and is ok and I've heard there's a good one in Pimlico. I would recommend making a day of it and getting out of town to go to a suburban car boot sale instead - they're the best! Surrey has loads if you're up for a drive! Good luck :)


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