Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Celina & Tom's Wedding

Way back in July, while the sun was still hot and the trees green, one of my very oldest and bestest friends got hitched! Celina was a bridesmaid at our wedding back in the Spring and it was so lovely to be able to return the favour! From helping plan her hen weekend to sitting in her parents garden  the day before the wedding making her bouquet, it was such a lovely time! Anna was a bridesmaid too and bought us each a Boots disposable camera to use on the day. I got mine developed last week and am over the moon at the results! I think I'm going to shoot using this medium more often - I love the saturated colours and grainy, low light shots!

It's such a funny experience snapping away with a disposable camera and not being able to see the results immediately. It means that you rarely get those moments of Pinterest perfection that you can achieve with a digital SLR but that's the beauty of it! Like when you look through your parents photo albums and there are grainy shots in there with loads of lense flare and you can just about make out someones satin shirt sleeve reflecting on the dance floor but it's in the album because, you know, it cost good money to get that photo developed so it's definitely going in there!

Looking at these photos brought back so many great memories of the day! I made the bridesmaids bouquets using beautiful burgundy sweetpeas that Celina's uncle had grown and we drank rose made from his own vineyard by the Jeroboam full! Celina and Tom are such a fun and relaxed couple - for supper we ate Paella cooked festival style in a great big pan and had Delia Smith's chocolate torte with strawberries for pudding! I may have eaten somewhere in the region of four three slices and actually just typing this makes me want to head to the kitchen right now!

Congratulations Celina and Tom - what an amazing day!

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