Monday, October 28, 2013

Creepy Kittens Halloween Nail Art

I was inspired by this awesome photo of kitty cat Halloween nails and decided to have a go myself! I don't think Wah Nails will be beating my door down looking to hire me any time soon (the chap on my ring finger looks especially boss eyed) but still not too shabby for a first nail art attempt eh?

I set the stage with two coats of OPI's 'Sand In My Suit' then used a teeny tiny paint brush to paint the cats using Mavala 'Black'.

Once the black polish was dry, I picked out the eyes using Natural Collection's elegantly named 'Nail Tip Whitener', then drew their big green irisis using OPI's 'Jade Is The New Black'. I painted the green polish on in a horizontal line to give the eyes that cat like shape before painting black horizontal lines for their pupils. 

Ta da! What do you think? Don't forget you can follow my Pinterest nail art inspiration board here!


  1. I LOVE IT. As an owner of a lovely black cat myself, who serves as a living Halloween decoration, that is great. I might just do it.

    1. Thanks Sierra! If you do decide to give it a go definitely send me a pic! :D

    2. Sadly I only got as far as the nude-color OPI. But it looked pretty :) xx

    3. It's a great colour isn't it? I find it has just the right amount of sparkle! :) x

  2. Yours are much better! And I love the green eyes too!!!


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