Friday, October 25, 2013

Future Primitive Soap Company

I was introduced to the Future Primitive Soap Company recently when my good friend Kate bough me one of their beautiful soaps (Owlett's End - pictured above) for my Birthday!

Tiggy Fiander conjures up the most wonderful scents and captures them into esoteric looking bars of soap, sugar buffs and lovely moisturising creams. The scent of Owlett's End is described as 'Simmering Black Tea, Clary Sage & Coriander leaves, Nutmeg dust & Cinnamon sticks, sticky dark Orange oil and Blackened Cardamom pods' and if that doesn't immediately suck you in, every scent has a transportative back story to accompany it:

'A corn field long past its cutting date houses a derelict old town house, black beams exposed & dull white paint slowly peeling off the brickwork. 

Owls nest in the eaves, dust-covered cobwebs hang over the windows, a rustling wind whistles through the old back porch, old books piled high along with half-finished paintings, old mirrors & rusting signage. As you look up the faces of children in the upper windows reflect your gaze.

Sitting in the seat of a rocking chair rests a lovers keepsake box - the inside full of curious spices, long forgotten spells & dried tears.'

Tiggy's turned soap making into an art form and is inspired by the Victorian times, in particularly the 'Apothacary shops, grocers on old street corners and other such establishments from this bygone era'

Isn't it wonderful? As luck would have it, the Autumn collection of scents has just gone on sale so if you hurry over to the Future Primitive Soap Company website you may just be able to grab yourself a bargain!

I couldn't resist treating myself to two more soaps - 10,000 Pumpkins and Toffee Moon Face! Both of which look so pretty in their packaging I can't quite bear to unwrap them yet! Hop over to the website for a peek at what's inside - I love the way each of the soaps looks (as well as smells) completely different!

My Owlett's End soap has a lovely, warm and comforting smell and builds to a rich lather - even in this hardest of hard water areas.

I also treated myself to the Whitley Court body whip as well as Sparklebox Bubbling Sugar Buff which is really something else and I'm so glad it's in my life. The scent is so wonderfully rich and cosy!

Best of all, the soaps and other products are all natural and made with fairtrade ingredients!

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