Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Girls On Film

Isn't this photo gorgeous? My awesome Sister in law is doing wonderful things with film photography over on her blog Hannah Couper Photography - go check it out!  I absolutely love the way the light is streaming into the kitchen here, catching lovely Becky mid-strawberry hull! The grainy quality and muted tones contrast with so much digital photography these days - even photos that have been 'filtered' to give a retro effect (and god knows I love those). After spending a whole weekend in the company of Hannah and her trusty 35mm Olympus I feel inspired to not only try to take more film photographs this Autumn but also really get to grips with the manual settings on my digital camera (which is a Nikon D60 in case you were wondering!).

I love using my digital SLR but pretty much always have it on the same setting: auto / no flash. It comes in handy for snapping pictures of my various bakes and makes when I'm on the go but I feel that it's time to stretch myself a little bit more as a photographer and get to grips with the F stops and what-nots. I'm looking forward to having more control over how my images turn out! I'm also going to kick it old school and experiment with some different types of film camera - now that I'm so used to digital photography, taking photos on film feels like a totally new and exciting thing! I got my first roll in a long time of Holga's developed today - I'm looking forward to sharing some with you on Friday (spoiler alert: they're not that good). Time to get practicing!

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