Friday, October 4, 2013

Stop! Holga time...

Here's a few out-takes from the roll of 120mm film I took in Dorset a few weeks back with my Holga!

A little more practice needed I think - especially on the focusing side. Also - I don't remember that black bit round the edge being visible before??

I love the simplicity of the Holga and the quirky, unpredictability of the photos but it can be tricky to find places that develop medium format film, especially if you live out of town! Luckily I work right around the corner from Lomography Gallery Store! For £9 you can get your film developed and put onto a CD - then you can pick and choose which ones to get printed up (I'll be getting precisely none from this first batch...). A regular 10cm x 12.5cm print will set you back about 30p where as a big ass picture for your living room wall will cost about £5.

Once I get a little bit better I'm going to start getting my Holgas printed out left right and centre - I think having tactile photos that you can tuck away and forget about - only to have them take you by surprise years later is so important! I'm looking forward to sharing my Holga snaps with you guys! Let's see if I can get one in focus next time eh?

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