Monday, November 4, 2013

How Do You Like Them Apples: A Recipe For Mulled Cider

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes night and if you’re planning on having a bonfire at home, you’ll definitely want something heartwarming to sip while you watch those sparks fly into the night sky. This mulled cider is just the ticket - I’ve used one of my very favourite apple ciders here - Cidre Breton Brut Traditionnel which is from the Brittany region of France and is 5% ABV. You can use any cider you like but I would go with something cloudy, dry and most of all, strong. Something that really packs a punch that will stand up to all those spices! Steer clear of anything overly sweet and fizzy (Brothers Cider I’m looking at you!). If you’re feeling especially decadent you could add a good glug of Calvados (apple brandy) to take it to a whole other level of deliciousness.

To make approximately 1 litre of cider (will serve 4 people):

1 litre of cider
1 heaped tsp cloves
5 x Star anaise
1 x Cinnamon stick, broke up (plus more to serve if you fancy)
2 oranges sliced into wheels
1 lemons sliced into wheels
Apples (to garnish)
A good squeeze of honey

Place all the ingredients in a thick bottomed sauce pan and with the lid on, slowly bring to a simmer. Once the cider reaches simmering point, remove it from the heat and ladle into heat proof glasses (ours are by Duralex are perfect for coffee too!) or mugs - I strained the cider through a tea strainer to stop any cloves or cinnamon sticks getting into the mix. If you’ve got a full house just hang onto those spices and citrus slices at the bottom of the pan, upend another bottle of cider and bring to a simmering point once more. If you’re going out to a bonfire night party you can make this mulled cider in advance - just allow it to cool then transfer back into the bottle for easy transportation. It makes the perfect gift for your host! Simply heat up again in a saucepan with the lid on.

Across the pond in the US of A, ‘apple cider’ basically means fresh pressed apple juice and is totally non-alcoholic! I like our version better and for this recipe, the stronger the cider the better. You can get some really amazing scrumpies that sit in the region of 7% ABV and these are perfect for mulling since some of those precious percentages will evaporate when heated. What do you think? Will you be attempting apple alchemy in the kitchen this week?

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  1. Yes I shall and it will most certainly be of the acoholic variety. Have just come across hot apple cider stateside and was a) sorely disappointed and b) rather confused that it was alongside all the tea and coffee in the self-service area of the restaurant, where all those pesky under 21s could get at it. I know now why they werent all rushing!


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