Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Stir Up Sunday!

Stir Up Sunday is always the last Sunday before Advent, when families up and down the country gather in the kitchen to make the Christmas pudding! A traditional Christmas pudding is made with lots of dried fruit, chopped nuts and plenty of brandy so making the pudding a month in advance gives the flavours a chance to mellow and meld together.

Tradition dictates that each member of the family must give the pudding a stir and then a silver coin or charm is dropped into the mix. If you’re lucky enough to end up with the charm in your slice then you’ll have good fortune for the year to come!

I love Christmas cooking traditions and am delighted that everyone's waking up to just how much more lovely Christmas puddings, fruit cake and mince pies are when made at home (in fact is there anything that isn’t better when it’s home made?).

I have a confession to make though… I have never made my own Christmas pudding on Stir Up Sunday! This task still falls to my Mother who will work tirelessly to produce our family pudding - steaming it for a whopping five hours before safely stowing it away until the big day. It’s no small undertaking and in fact one year when she had three on the go, the tiles at the back of the stove bulged outwards and cracked and the paint started peeling off from the ceilings in the entire downstairs of the house! Needless to say the puddings were amazing and totally worth it.

I sometimes celebrate Stir Up Sunday by making the Christmas cake - I love thinking of how many people are busy in the kitchen with the radio on all at the same time! If you're ready to get festive but don't fancy making a pud, you could spend Stir Up Sunday making candied peel or home made mince meat, ready for mince piece later in the year! It's the perfect excuse to get into the festive spirit a little early with a spot of Christmas baking! If you're stuck for inspration, checkout my Christmas  and Food & Drink Pinterest boards! I'll be adding to them over the coming weeks so make sure to follow along!


  1. My mams the same with silver coins and cooking Christmas puddings. I keep meaning to bake a Christmas Cake myself but I should of made it weeks ago in all honesty for it to be just right for Christmas day! Might just have to pretend with a fruit cake instead!

    1. That's lovely that your Mum puts a coin in the pud! Have you ever been the lucky recipient? I reckon you've still got time to whip up a Christmas cake - just feed it with plenty of brandy so it's extra boozy and delicious!


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