Thursday, December 5, 2013

Get Your Tips Out

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Amara are a luxury lifestyle and interiors website boasting an amazing selection of products from awesome brands like Missoni Home, Kate Spade, Orla Kiely and Silken Favours to name but a few!

I was delighted to be asked by the team at Amara to contribute to their Top 30 Christmas Decorating Tips article for their blog – The Luxpad. I knew straight away what my tip would be:

Heap boughs of Holly & Ivy into a mantlepiece along with tall beeswax candles to create a a dramatic, Dickensian effect.

In pagan Britan, before tinsel and fairly lights, Holly and Ivy were traditionally brought into the home on Christmas Eve to ward off evil spirits. Tradition dictates that the men carried the holly and the women the ivy and that whichever was bought into the house first would determine whether a man or woman would rule the roost over the coming year!

I have a hard time waiting until the beginning of December to put our decorations up, let alone Christmas Eve so I’ll be heading out this weekend to gather as much holly and ivy as possible to display on mantlepieces, across doorways and atop picture frames and mirrors. It really does create the mostly wonderfully dark and dramatic look which looks fantastic when paired with beautiful beeswax candles. The effect (not to mention the smell) is truly stunning! I have a tutorial for making your own beeswax candles coming up next week so keep your eyes peeled!

You can read all of the tips and share mine your favourites via Twitter here!  Amara are also running a great competition right now where you can win your favourite product worth up to £500! Just Tweet a picture of your favourite item with the tag #AmaraLovesMe to win! Open until Sunday 8th December 2013 for more information visit the website.

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