Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

I spotted these beautiful antique baubles on ebay back in September and with the grim determination known only to the ebay bidder, vowed to make them mine. If you would like to acquire a set of your own I would start looking as early as you can bear. As you can imagine, the closer it gets to Christmas the more people will be having the same idea as you! Try search terms like ‘vintage Christmas baubles’, ‘convex baubles’ and ‘mercury glass’ - there are usually a few sets to be had all year round. Mine contains around 30 baubles in a wonderful mixture of colours and styles - the convex and hand painted ones are my favourite! There are a two bells (which really make a tinkling sound!) and one cute little raspberry type thing which as Ciaran pointed out, looks ever so slightly like a hand grenade… I love how well loved (read: tatty) they look - the paint is mostly peeling and the convex ones look wonderfully miss-shapen and obviously hand made. I would love to know how old they are! It must be someones entire collection and has probably been sitting in a loft gathering dust for a few decades at least. I think I paid £18.95 or so for the lot, including shipping.

We had lots of scraps of ribbon left over from our wedding (where they were used to tie bouquets and button holds as well as decorate jam jars and vases) and this seemed like the perfect use for them! The pink, yellow and silver ribbons contrast beautifully with the festive colours of the baubles and together they really bring the tree to life with loads of colour. I think a minimalist ‘all silver’ or ‘winter white’ tree is kind of dated - if you have an eye for colour and can clash with confidence then I say go for it! This eclectic, colourful vibe is what I’m into now. These ribbons bring back so many wonderful memories and I’m so glad I’ll get to see them on a yearly basis! The Christmas tree is so important to me it seems like a very fitting home for them.

As well as the vintage baubles we bought a big bunch of mistletoe to hang in the archway in our hallway and have draped fairy lights hither and thither to light our way. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to gather some Holly & Ivy this weekend and then that will see us through to Epiphany!

If you’re setting up home on your own for the first time and don't have any decorations, making your own out of salt dough is a really fun and inexpensive way to fill your tree! I made some little red and gold glittery stars the first year that Ciaran and I lived together and they've been great! This is actually the first year I haven't felt that we've needed them. You can learn how to make them yourself with my DIY tutorial!

 why not make some salt dough stars with my easy peasy DIY tutorial!

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