Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hello there! I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas this year? I certainly have, as you can probably tell by the little impromptu week long break I've taken from this here blog.

This year there was the usual last minute rush to get the last of the gifts and foodie bits and pieces but by 3 O'Clock on Christmas Eve afternoon I was tucked up on the sofa under the lights of our Christmas tree watching The Snowman and have pretty much kept up that vibe for the last five days.

On Christmas Day Ciaran, Toby and I woke up at home and had a cup of tea in bed whilst opening our presents to each other (our yearly tradition). Father Christmas sadly didn't come for Toby this year (he's been a bad cat) but he had a fun time playing with the wrapping. We made scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon for breakfast before hitting the road and driving down to Ciaran's eldest brother Michael's house for the day. There were eleven of us (including four children) so as you can imagine it was fun 'n' rowdy.

Boxing Day is secretly my favourite part of Christmas - I usually spend the whole of Christmas Day in the kitchen with my Mum making an enormous Dickensian feast from scratch (like, every single thing made from scratch including fresh organic vegetable stock, fresh cranberry sauce, bread sauce, marzipan for the Christmas Cake which we're always racing to get finished in time). So it's lovely to wake up on Boxing Day and have everything there in the fridge ready to party. We spent Boxing Day at my Mums and it was dreamy as ever. After lolling about on the sofa with cups of coffee and magazines for a couple of hours in the morning we lit the fire, put on some swing and set to work on cooking the biggest and most delicious slab of beef rib I've ever seen! We decided to take the day slowly so our Boxing Day lunch actually turned into a Boxing Day dinner but I was in heaven.

What was also really cool about Boxing Day was that Ciaran's parents flew over from Ireland as a surprise (we were in on the secret as they're staying with us) and turned up at Michael and Ali's house while the rest of Ciaran's family were enjoying Christmas round 2!

After hosting Christmas Day and Boxing Day last year I can't tell you how wonderful it's felt to go elsewhere this year and be looked after. It's been lovely to see so much of our family - I hadn't realised how much of a break I needed until it was here!

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your nearest and dearest. I think I'll continue the feet up vibe around here until the New Year. Cheers!

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