Monday, March 17, 2014

At the weekend...

I stumbled across this great illustration by Sarah Lazarovic over on Cup of Jo whilst propped up in bed with a cup of tea on Sunday morning. It made me laugh out loud!

If ever there was an unseasonably beautiful weekend it was this one and oh my word it was so needed.

It was such a treat to have all the windows open and be able to hear the birds singing (there's a woodpecker in our garden and I don't think I'll ever get bored of hearing his sound!). During the relentless rain a few weeks ago the ditch that runs around the outside of our flat filled with water and on Saturday morning I pulled open the curtains to find two ducks quacking away and swimming about happily!

Toby cat has been enjoying this sweet sunshine too - he goes outside these days (but only when we open the cat flap for him by hand - I know! We're idiots). He sits on the pathway in the sun watching the wildlife and peering into bushes.

Spring always feels like a new beginning for me, so much more than New Years Eve. I spent the weekend brainstorming new project ideas and sewing - hopefully I'll have something nice to share with you soon!

I hope you had a lovely, outdoorsy weekend full of sunshine, here's to a productive week!


  1. What a good find, Chloe! It was so true of the week gone by, but alas it's now cloudy here. :/ Leanne x

    1. Isn't it apt? Yes sadly gloomy here today too - so desperate for Summer now I've got a taste for it! xx


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