Friday, June 20, 2014

May according to Instagram...

I do enjoy these little retrospective roundups - I find I spend so much time thinking about the future that it's nice to look back over the previous month and remember what we've been up to! We kicked things off last month with a little trip to Prague - you can read the blog post about it (mostly consisting of restaurant recommendations natch) here!

We also finally bit the bullet and started clearing out the spare room (otherwise known as my sewing room) to make way for our little one! I have so many nursery DIYs swirling round my head at the moment, I can't wait to put them into practice next month!

Aren't these mini Minnetonka's the cutest? True story: my Aunty sent these to my Mum from the US when I was born (29 years ago this July!) but by the time they arrived my feet were already too big (story of my life) so I'm going to go ahead and call them vintage :)

Fruit in my cereal, tomatoes at the farm shop and a tiny oak tree I found growing in my herb garden (currently comprising three flower pots). I've re-located this sweet tree to an appropriately dinky flower pot - I'm hoping that it will stay cute and small like a bonsai tree, what do you reckon?

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