Monday, July 28, 2014

Lavender fields and a bumpdate...

On Saturday morning Ciaran and I decided to walk in my cakes footsteps and visit the beautiful Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey! It was so lovely to be amongst the fields of pretty purple flowers and breath in their lovely, calming fragrance.

39 weeks today you guys! Remember how I said I was going to be really busy and productive during my maternity leave and was going to get loads of stuff done? Yeah... turns out it's too hot to sleep and although my bump is pretty compact, the (now fairly frequent) Braxston Hicks contractions make walking anywhere pretty uncomfortable so I've decided to shift my goals more towards putting my feet up, sleeping in and sitting in the garden reading fun and cheesy novels (I'm currently reading this and it's brilliant). I hope you're having a sweet Summer so far!

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