Monday, July 7, 2014

Nearly finished knitting...

Happy Monday! I've so nearly finished this sweet baby blanket - all I need to do now is weave in all those loose ends and block it! It's made using Rowan Wool Cotton DK (in brolly, misty and antique if you're interested!) which should in theory be machine washable at 40 degrees - I think I'll chuck my gauge swatch in the machine first of all and see how that turns out before risking this beauty, wish me luck!


  1. Really lovely blanket- What pattern did you use? Never made a chevron one before and thinking I need to give it a go! x

    1. Hi Zoe, it's a freebie pattern by Espace Tricot knits, you can find it here:

      It's easier than it looks! You could use the stitch pattern for all sorts of other things too - if you give it a go let me know how you get on! x


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