Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweetpea and strawberry picking...

Flo and I went sweetpea and strawberry picking in the Summer sun on Tuesday - it was loads of fun! These beautiful blooms were only 10p a stem, can you believe it? They smelled absolutely amazing - though they only lasted a couple of days they were worth it. We're so lucky to have Garson's Farm on our doorstep - at this time of year you can pick every type of Summer berry imaginable as well as all kinds of fruit and veg. It works out super cheap too compared with buying them from the farm shop - I'm planning on going back for more tomorrow though it doesn't look like the weather will be on my side this time!

Yesterday I turned 29 which feels like a good age. Our little baby could be with us any day now - I've got a huge stack of tiny white babygrows next to me waiting to be ironed so I think I better put the kettle on and get started! Have a wonderful weekend whatever you're doing!

Edited 15.09.14: White babygrows. WHITE babygrows. Why did no one tell me baby poop is bright yellow?

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