Monday, November 3, 2014

Liberty Print Bias Binding DIY Tutorial!

Bias binding is so versatile - I use it all the time to finish off straight and curved seams on all sorts of projects (like my Liberty print hot water bottle and Liberty print ballet pump tutorials!). Knowing how to make your own bias binding is a handy skill to have - make it using your main fabric for a neat and discreet edging or using a contrasting fabric for a pretty, contrasting look! Liberty print bias binding is perfect for adding just a touch of floral prettiness to your project and best of all, you only need a 10 by 10 inch square of fabric to make nearly two meters of bias binding!

I learned how to make continuous bias binding using this brilliant tutorial from Coletterie. 

You'll need...

A 10''10'' square of Liberty print fabric
Ruler / tape measure
Water soluble pen or tailors chalk
Thread that blends in with your chosen fabric
Bias tape maker (I've used a 12 mm bias tape maker)
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine

Step 1: Make sure you cut your 10''x10'' square of fabric parallel to the selvedge then cut it in half diagonally along the bias.

Step 2: Arrange the two fabric triangles as below, so that the piece on the left has the right side of the fabric facing you and the piece on the right has the wrong side of the fabric facing you.

Pin and then sew along the bottom edge, as close to the edge of the fabric as you can manage! Open out the two triangles into a rhombus (such a satisfying word to say...) and iron that seam flat.

Step 3: Grab your tape measure or ruler and mark lines one inch apart, horizontally along the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 4: Once you've drawn all your lines, turn the fabric over so the right side is facing you and fold the outside corners towards the middle. The fabric should now be making a square shape but before you pin the two edges together, offset the lines by one at each end like so...

Step 5: Sew a seam close to the edge like before and iron it as flat as you can. Grab your fabric scissors and cut along the lines you drew - before you know it you'll have a gorgeous length of Liberty print ribbon!

Step 8: These bias tape makers look the business but I actually found them a little tricky to use at first.

Start with the wrong side of the fabric facing you and feed it into the wide end of your bias tape maker. Have your iron at the ready! I find it best to pinch the bias tape closed as it comes out the narrow end of the tape maker then press it flat with the iron (it helps if you have asbestos fingers!). Work in small sections and pin as you go.

Winding the bias binder around an old cotton reel helps keep it nice and crisp until you're ready to use it!

Now you can add a Liberty print trim to all your projects - enjoy!

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