Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So fresh and so clean...

Hello 2015 - oh I do love a fresh start! 2014 was one hell of a year - I haven't really spoken much about childbirth and motherhood and all that here. Mainly because there is just too much to say and I wouldn't know where to begin. Eva Wiseman kind of says it all perfectly in her recent article for the Guardian - go take a peek!

I'm so excited for this year. I feel like I've finally hit my stride with motherhood and am really enjoying my days with sweet Orla. Now that Orla goes to bed at a reasonable hour I've suddenly got my evenings back again so am hoping to get some good sewing done this year - as usual I have a million ideas buzzing round my head and am itching to get started!

Last year was understandably sporadic on the posting front but I'm hoping to get back to some kind of regular schedule this year. I love sharing my projects and tutorials here and personally, I find blogging and being part of the craft blog community just gives me that little shove towards picking up my scissors and making something rather than just daydreaming about it. Blogging for me right now is all about making and doing and sharing the love!

I haven't made any resolutions this year - I'm just kind of in the moment and it's a good place to be!

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