Monday, August 3, 2015

DIY Grellow Knitted Baby Blanket

It occurred to me the other day that my baby isn't going to be a baby for very much longer so with that in mind I thought I should share this baby blanket I made before it's too late! Way back in February last year, before we knew if we were expecting a boy or a girl, I decided to use my half hour morning and evening commute to knit a blanket for our impending arrival. I had a hunch that I would never have as much knitting time at my disposal ever again so decided on a gender neutral grey, yellow and white colour scheme for maximum versatility! I've since discovered that this is actually a thing. Grey + yellow = grellow! You probably knew this already, I've been a bit out of the loop.

Anyway, this little blanket went everywhere with us last winter - I used to tuck it around Orla in her pram when we went for our morning (and afternoon, and evening) walks while she napped and always felt cheered by it's lovely, sunny vibe. Without me realising we've sort of slipped out of the baby blanket phase now - Orla's such a wriggly little live wire that she kicks off any kind of covering, both in the pushchair and in bed so I guess this Winter she'll need some sort of snowsuit but I digress. For now this little blanket looks pretty in her room and I have a feeling that it will come in handy again when we enter the re-watching Frozen and sleeping in a little toddler bed phase.

Taking on a medium sized project like this was a really good way of occupying my mind during quite an uncertain time and made me feel like I could do something productive and useful when it was just a tiny bit too early to start decorating the nursery. This particular pattern is by Espace Tricot Knits and is available online here. They actually have some really gorgeous patterns generously made available for free so you should definitely check out their website. I knit my blanket in Rowan wool cotton using shades Brolly, Misty and Antique. Predictably, I have lost my notes but to determine how many stitches to cast on (as the pattern calls for a slightly different gauge yarn) I knit up a swatch in the chevron stitch pattern and measured it to decide how many repetitions of the zig zag to cast on for. One thing I would say about the pattern is that I had to concentrate really, really carefully during the cast on and count every stitch as it's very easy to miss one. The pattern seems quite complex at first as nearly every stitch is different but I soon got into the rhythm of it and once the pattern is established, you can just look at the row below to see what you need to be doing.

You can follow the progress of my baby blanket project here, here and here!

Did you knit a baby blanket for your little 'un? Or perhaps you have a beautiful family heirloom that gets passed through the generations? I would love to hear about it :)

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